About Us

We practice and promote a comprehensive and balanced view of Islam. We strive to embody the “middle path” to which the Qur’an calls – a path of moderation that is free of extremism. We believe that the core teachings of Islam are universal and timeless, providing guidance and instruction for all times and all peoples.

Our Vision

The aims and purposes of the Masjid shall be to serve Muslims in the Hershey and neighboring area. The Masjid will:

  • Arrange and hold congregational prayers and Islamic religious festivals;
  • Promote unity and cooperation among Muslims;
  • Provide Islamic services and develop institutions to meet the needs of Muslims;
  • Endeavor to make Islamic teachings known to interested non-Muslims;
  • Conduct religious, educational, social, cultural, and other activities in the best traditions of Islam;
  • Promote better relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Iqama is the time of the call to Prayer.  Below is our year round table.  Download a copy of the Iqama times: Iqama file for Hershey Masjid.

iqama small

Serving Derry Hummelstown and Hershey